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Solution Brief: Corporate Performance Management for State & Local Agencies

Modern Financial Solution for State & Local Agencies

Local government agency finance leaders within the Office of Budget & Management (OMB) and Comptroller offices are under pressure to improve decision support, increase transparency, and create efficiencies.  And with continued scrutiny of fiscal spending and the tightening of budgets, the formulation process is evolving from line item approvals to performance-based budgets to provide greater visibility into longer-term return on investment.

To address these increasing demands, finance leaders require the ability to align long-range plans with annual budgets with financial reporting—and provide an audit trail to detailed capital spending and workforce plans.

Download this Solution Brief to learn how OneStream’s modern, unified corporate performance management (CPM) platform helps State & Local Governments to:

  • Evolve planning processes from manual spreadsheets to dynamic, zero-based budgets with business drivers.
  • Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing results before delivering the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
  • Deliver financial and operating results to leadership through interactive visualizations and standard reports.

Access transactional details from source systems for drill-back and drill-through analysis

View the Solution Brief to Learn More.