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Solution Brief: Rapid-Response Finance

Remain Agile & Drive Performance

During crisis situations, corporate and line of business FP&A teams are often asked to help guide their organizations through the fog of uncertainty. How do they do it? By developing and sharing critical insights, collaborating with strategic business partners and by leading forecasting processes to align financial goals with detailed operational plans. This requires solutions with the agility and scale to model key business drivers and various scenario analyses to support fast, insightful analysis. And it requires solutions that bring together all key financial and operational insights into a unified platform for decision-making.

Are you ready for rapid-response finance?

  • Can your team analyze various planning scenarios on the fly and dynamically calculate the impact to EBITDA, EPS and cash flow?
  • Are you able to plan at the detailed business driver level and seamless align to financial plans? 
  • Does your top-down cash forecasting within Finance align 13-week cash flow forecasting?   
  • Do you have clear visibility into all forecasting processes and tasks across geographies and user groups? 

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