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Solution Brief: Conquering Complexity in Academic Medical Centers

Unleash Finance to Lead at Speed for Academic Medical Centers

With OneStream, Academic Medical Center Finance leaders are conquering complexity in an environment of economic uncertainty by transforming the office of Finance with agile planning, insightful analytics and increased efficiency.

OneStream's Intelligent Finance Platform unleashes Finance teams from managing fragmented, simple connected solutions and disparate spreadsheets and empowers them to extend their value in guiding their institution’s financial and operational decisions.

Download this solution brief to learn how OneStream empowers academic medical center Finance teams to:

  • Lead at Speed with Financial Signaling Enabling Mid-Stream Actionable Insights
  • Improve Agility with Unified Financial and Operational Planning
  • Increase Speed to Value with Efficient Financial Close and Consolidation Processes
  • Empower Finance and Operational Leaders with Dynamic Self-Service Reporting and Analysis Visualizations

Learn More in this Solution Brief: Conquering Complexity in Academic Medical Centers.

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