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Data Shift: Stepping into the Future of Digital Finance eBook

Discover how finance leaders can modernize and simplify financial processes and build a new foundation for the Office of Finance. Conquer the organization's complexity by unifying financial processes in a cloud-based system with analytical tools that drive insight, process improvements, and decision-making. 

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Build a Digital Foundation for the Office of Finance

According to EY, about 50% of Finance leaders do not feel prepared to meet their strategic objectives. Why? One main reason is that the legacy financial systems of the previous decade cannot keep up with the current demands of the organization. Planning, forecasting and financial close process can be all too painful.

Modern Finance teams are reducing reliance on legacy systems and spreadsheets with cloud-based platforms designed to move at the pace of change. And with a new digital foundation in place, Finance leaders are unleashing their true value by empowering their organizations with financial and operational insights to support faster and more informed decision-making.

This eBook highlights the benefits of a unified CPM/EPM platform for: 

  • Modernizing and Unifying the Office of Finance
  • Gaining Agility in Financial and Operational Planning
  • Modeling scenarios and discover new insights
  • Supporting future growth without new software