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Football and Finance: George Kittle and OneStream Software Discuss Reading Signals to Optimize Performance

Live Webinar | June 17 | 5:00PM ET

Collecting and analyzing operational data to detect the “financial signals” in your business is critical to being agile and responding quickly to new opportunities or threats. Understanding these signals mean finance teams can take action immediately to impact upcoming financial results and to impact scenario models and forecasts/guidance for the future.

The same thing happens in football. The most successful teams, and players, are able to make in-game adjustments to their original game plan in order to win. That’s why we’ve teamed up with George Kittle, one of the top Tight Ends in the NFL, for this webinar.  He plays for the San Francisco 49ers who went from a 4-12 record to the Superbowl, and is coached by Kyle Shanahan who is one of the most adept head coaches at identifying signals and making in-game adjustments that impact outcomes.

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In this webinar, George will provide insights into how signals are identified, interpreted, and acted upon in-game and the dramatic impact signals can have on the outcome of a play, a game, or an entire season.  During the webinar, OneStream will share how finance teams can do the same with financial signals to impact current month financial results, weekly projections and rolling forecasts.

Meet the Experts

George Kittle – Tight End, San Francisco 49ers

Craig Colby - President, OneStream Software

Ken Hohenstein – VP Sales - Americas,  OneStream Software