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Making the Leap from Excel to OneStream for Budgeting and Forecasting
with INW Manufacturing

Live Webinar | May 20th | 11AM EDT / 5PM CET

Many organizations start out managing their budgeting and planning processes using spreadsheets, and this may work to a point. But as organizations grow in size and complexity, they often outgrow the spreadsheet approach and it becomes a barrier to efficient and agile planning.

Join this webinar to learn how Innovations in Nutrition and Wellness (INW) Manufacturing made the leap from spreadsheets and manual processes to OneStream for financial reporting, budgeting, planning and forecasting. Find out how INW extended its use of OneStream from financial consolidation and reporting to capital expense planning, budgeting and forecasting – reducing the time to consolidate division budgets from many hours to less than 30 minutes.  Learn how they are leveraging the OneStream platform to perform detailed headcount, salary and compensation planning.   

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to align planning, budgeting and forecasting with financial reporting
  • How to create a consolidated view of the balance sheet, cash flow, and Capex by division
  • How to gain agility in planning and forecasting
  • How to make software upgrades painless with a unified platform

Meet the Experts

Amy Funari – System Administrator, INW Manufacturing

Randy Werder – President, Black Diamond Advisory

Craig Colby – President, OneStream Software